Somitra B.V. cooperates with Ankersmid as its exclusive partner for the market of Iran and United Arab Emirates. It is active on four main industries in Iran and UAE:

  •    Oil & Gas
  •    Chemicals
  •    Water and Wastewater treatment
  •    Printing

 In Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry: By supplying instruments, sampling systems, analyzers, chemicals and pipings, it records a very well track record in the market of Iran. Somitra B.V. acts as a group of companies with head quarter in Netherlands which could be named as our key success factor. Knowledge and well established network of our group in Europe in local target markets, help us to target unique projects. 

Bayersun Kala Trading Co. Ltd,  (With Exclusivity Rights) works with us as our local office in Iran and represents full range of  Ankersmid Group Products for the market of Iran. bayersun Kala Trading Co, Ltd, has proven track record in Oil, Gas and Chemical refineries in Iran. 

Somitra B.V. (Netherlands Office - Headquarter)
Beestslaan 93, 4707 JP Roosendaal
Phone: +31 (0) 1 6523 4444

Bayersun Kala Trading Co. Ltd,  (Iran’s Office)
No. 5, Mottahari St, Hakim Highway,Tehran
Phone: +98 21 44963726

Ankersmid Process,  (31)-0548-59 59 69