CRDS (Tiger Optics)

A Continuous Wave (CW) diode laser emits a focused beam of light through an ultra-strong reflective mirror in the absorption cell (cavity). The light reflects back and forth between two mirrors. As soon as the photodiode detector "sees" a preset level of light energy, the light source is derived. With every successful reflection, a little light goes through the mirror. This is measured by a light detector. As soon as the light "rings down", the detector reaches a zero point light energy in milliseconds. The measurement is complete. All this makes Ankersmid the right analyzer for specific measurements.\

We offer 7 variants that work in their own way

  • Spark Platform
  • CO-Rect
  • HALO Platform
  • LaserTrace system
  • Prismatic 2
  • Tiger-i Platform
  • Aloha H2O Series

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